Pataapa Furious About Shatta Wale’s Bizzare “Underground Artiste” Tweet Labeling Him

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Highlife and Afrobeat musician, Pataapa might just be leaving shatta Wale out of his role models, as expresses his displease at Shatta Wale for his “Underground artiste” tweet.

The Dancehall act, Shatta Wale was forced to put up that tweet in responding to his former fued colleague, rapper Yaa Pono. Who tweet at Shatta Wale  yesterday asking if he (Yaa Pono) should put up a stunt, just to get people talking or probably opening old wounds between him(Yaa Pono) and the dancehall genius Shatta Wale.

Well Shatta has this to reply the rapper, and that’s where his statement might have landed at the wrong side of singer of Pataapa.

Wale tweeted: “Hw3 wo Jon, we won’t give any hype to Underground artistes any more, go look forward Pataapa Dems”

The ‘one corner’ hitmaker  stated that he has always had a lot of respect for Shatta Wale as his role model in the industry, but his latest indirect bizzare tweet against him is a no,no.

He wrote on  his Instagram account, though he’s always been undermine and under-rated he will become their Hero eventually, added the table will surely turn one day because he serves a living God and remains focus.

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