Understand This: Inside Of Chicago Fire’s “Blow This Up Somehow” Episode

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Another exciting week on Chicago Fire. Here’s a recap!

During a call to a crash at a gas station, just as Casey learns that Gallo has disobeyed his order but instead saved a woman who was unconscious and surrounds in gaslone. Casey disciplines Gallo for a couple of days, but after a few days, he and Gallo talked about the situation and come to an understanding.

Meanwhile, it looks like Casey’s new love life looks to be taking off, but as she comes to visit him at 51, she notices the way that he looks at Brett, who was on a call. Soon the two broke things off until Casey could figure out his feelings about Brett, again.

Also, Brett and Mackey deal with discipline from the paramedic board as they are questioning why after a max of fentanyl, who was used on a patient that sawed his leg, that wasn’t working. They figured that the fentanyl was stolen after a call from a couple. They finally bust them as someone made a 911 call using the excited same emergency.

Kidd is stressing out not only of work and the Lieutenant exam but also over Severide. She talks with Boden about maybe taken a year off for the exam, but when Severide learns about what’s going on he talks with her about not quitting and soon tells her the truth about what’s been really going on, and while she understands she doesn’t care as she’s her own person and doesn’t back down and plus would never let Severide go.

“Blow This Up Somehow” was a very good episode and probably one of my favorite rewatchable episodes for the season. There was so much fun going on in this episode, not only with Cruz-Herrmann-Mouch and Mouch’s tattoo as that was too funny, but the Severide and Casey moment in the loft talking about their situation with Stella and Sylvie.

I’ll admit I’m so glad that Severide finally got to talk with Stella not only to encourage her but why he’s been so distant with her. Even though I really thought that it was going to take a turn for the worst but happy to see it end the way it did.

The Gallo and Casey thing was good and it’s good to see Gallo stand his ground but also learn a bit from Casey’s experience. And while agreeing to what Gallo had to do at that spare of the moment, Casey was right that he should have quickly radio in.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of this week’s episode? With Stella and Kelly back together, is the next thing a ring? How long will it take for Casey and Brett to really embarrass their feelings again? How long will it for Cruz to tell everyone about the baby? Leave a comment!

You can catch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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