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Maame Esi Forson Elaborates On Lilwin’s Hostile Communication Towards Her

Ghanaian comedienne, Maame Esi Forson expressed how she felt about how Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin talked to her past times. She made known about Lilwin’s arroganncy and worse communication skills in an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show.

It seems Lilwin try reaching Maame Esi Forson via a phone call which leads to Esi noticing how unfriendly the “dancehall comic” boss is on the phone. “Lilwin is full of himself and I didn’t like the way he communicated to me on the phone” she clearly expressed.

In the ongoing Lilwin’s “COCOA SEASON” series, he tried  inviting the the actress and comedienne Esi, but she declines the role due to his bad communication skills and failure to properly communicate details of her role in the series. Not only did Lilwin’s shows his bad communication skills but also asked the actress to cater for own transportation from where she stays; Takoradi to the series location; Kumasi, which land the young movie producer and actor Lilwin losing a character.

According to Lilwin, she (Maame Esi) needs to sacrifise her own resourse in the industry, if she wants to successful and be known. Lilwin’s reasons were far from “making heads” to Esi  as states she’s already known and okay and thus why he (Lilwin) got to hear of her.


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