Joey B In Talks Of Supporting And Pushing Shatta Wale To The World

Ghanaian hip-hop artiste Joey B has been in support of pushing shatta wale to the world, since Shatta Wale’s collaboration with Beyonce music video  snippet leaked on social media.

He took to Twitter to celebrate the big news of Shatta Wale trending on social media about the “Already” music video got shot in along side Beyonce, which many till now are in dilemma about the truth of the video.

According to 30-year-old rapper, Shatta Wale’s reached to this height is by the grace of God. Thus from where Shatta Wale started from as “Bandana” and now an international collaboration.

shatta ein own e be grace. think about “bandana” and right now. big win for us, put every troll or competition aside.

Joey B also added, it’s been a long time in Ghana’s music industry since they’ve had this type of big news, so all Ghanaian should just push and support the collaboration to the world.
“i’ll add that, for the longest time in Ghanaian music history, we no have this big win. so make we all just support and push am to the world.

He also gushed out  saying he’s not tweeting this in order to get a collaboration from Shatta Wale, which he already has a song with him.

“(and no i dey tweet this for a shatta feature, we already get song x).

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