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Mackenzi Mckee Talked About Her Children Been Attacked By Fans

The hard-end truth about celebrities, apart from being famous is that, their loved ones can be easily made possible targets for trolls and bad intended fans.

And this goes same for the “Teen Mom” star Mckenzie, as she up her games on protecting herself alongside their very young children from this bad prey fans.

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These kids 💗💗💗💗

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You might be famous and popular, but there are bad sides of being open to the public domain. Unfortunately, the “Teen Mom” cast is no stranger to this disadvantages of being in the public eye.

She shared the effects these have on her children for being in the public eye or famous.

Mckenzie admitted, her children have been regularly been attacked by her Instagram followers  “From here on, any photo i post of my children i will be turning off commenting”, stating in an Instagram story.

She continued- “I am so sad that adults comment hateful stuffs about children”

Mckenzi herself have being bullied by trolls to having show up at their house.

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The Teen Mom star says fans can talk about her all they want, but should refrain from saying negative stuffs about her kids or get blocked.

Talk about me all you want. But please, refrain from saying anything negative about my kids or be blocked.”

She signed off with, “God bless.”


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