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Famous Songs and the True Stories Behind Them

Some of the most iconic songs of all time came about because of what artists or bands were experiencing at the time. Relationships, breakups, marriage, divorce, friendships, families, betrayals, mental health struggles, and parenthood are just a few of the life experiences that have inspired some of the most famous songs.

These pop, rock, reggae/dancehall and country songs have some seriously interesting stories behind them.

‘Mama’ By Stonebwoy

This great piece was written by Ghanaian reggae/dancehall artiste Stonebwoy in honor of her late mother, Madam Catherine A. Satekla . Stonebwoy is been known to be holding to her mom’s memory highly even in her demise. “My mama was my Yaa Asantewaa, my Kwame Nkrumah, and even though she died, to me she lives on.”- he stated.  Stonebwoy has fond memories of his late mother when she was alive. He dedicated his debut album to his mother in 2017 “Epistles Of Mama”. According to him, the late Madam Satekla played a pivotal role in his life and music career, adding that he can never forget those times his mother stood by him, speaking In an interview with GHOne TV on Monday ,2017.

It doesn’t get sweeter than this heartfelt John Legend song. Chrissy Teigen said she knew right away that the song was about her. “The first line of it is ‘What would I do without your smart mouth,’ so if that’s not about me I don’t know what is,” she told the Huffington Post.

This mega-recognizable hit was written after a Queen concert in 1977. “‘We Will Rock You’ was a response to a particular phase in Queen’s career, when the audience was becoming a bigger part of the show than we were,” Brian May explained in an interview. “So, both Freddie and I thought it would be an interesting experiment to write a song with audience participation specifically in mind.”

Fleetwood Mac was famous for not only their music, but also their tangled love lives. But out of all of that drama, they created several iconic songs, including “Go Your Own Way,” which Lindsey Buckingham wrote as a breakup message directed at Stevie Nicks.

Of course, Stevie Nicks had her own take on her breakup with Lindsey Buckingham. Speaking to magazine, she later said, “It was the fairy and the gnome. I was trying to be all philosophical. And he was just mad.”

Within the first verse, this song name-drops several of Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriends, including Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, and Big Sean. So, obviously, the song is about past relationships, but also about “gratitude, growth, embracing our path bumps n all,” according to the singer.

In 1973, Dolly Parton had hit a roadblock in her relationship with Porter Wagoner, her mentor and on-screen duet partner. He reportedly wasn’t ready to see her go out and make her own career ― until she sang this song to him and he relented.

Of course, Blake Shelton has also written songs about Gwen Stefani — including this steamy song where he says “She’s Revlon red in the blackest night.” Gwen is a global ambassador for Revlon and frequently wears red lipstick during public appearances

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