Jodie Comer Has To Do Her Own Make Up On Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” Set

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Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads – the playwright’s hilarious and heartbreaking monologues from the ’80s and ’90s (and stalwarts of A Level and GSCE exam papers) – are returning to BBC primetime     (Tuesday, 9pm, BBC One) in the works  Filming in lockdown, on pre-existing sets at Elstree Studios.

Sarah Lancashire and Jodie Comer star in a revival of Alan Bennett’s kitchen-table monologues that makes for perfect 2020 TV.

“This is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” says Comer.

“It was fun actually”– Jodie says to Vogue as she has to do her own make-up on the Talking Heads set.

We tried to make sure it had the ’80s feel while being a little more stripped back. I was a bit worried, as sometimes when you’re getting your last hair and make-up checks on set, that’s your little quiet minute to get in the zone.- she stated.


She added, she worried doing her last hair and make-up by herself, making sure she looks good, might be distracting getting her into character.

“So I was worried that doing it myself, being self-conscious in that way – making sure I looked okay – would be a bit distracting for getting into character. But I made it all part of Lesley.”

We did a smoky eye.”- she says.

Talking Heads will be available on BBC iPlayer from 23 June and Jodie’s monologue, Her Last Chance, will air on BBC One on 29 June at 8:45pm

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