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Taylor Swift Ask For The Removal of of Tennessee Confederate Statues

Taylor Swift Calls for the Removal of Tennessee’s White Supremacist Statues.
Taylor Swift advocated for the removal of confederate statues in her home state of Tennessee on Twitter.
The pop star explained her objections to the statues in a series of tweets, explaining how keeping the statues was offensive.
“consider the implications of how hurtful it would be to continue fighting for these monuments.”
“Generally, the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act prohibits the removal, relocation, or renaming of a memorial that is, or is located on, public property,” the law states. “A public entity exercising control of a memorial may petition the Tennessee Historical Commission in writing for a waiver from the prohibition. After consideration of the petition, the Tennessee Historical Commission will vote on whether to grant or deny the waiver.”
Swift also called for the removal of a Nathan Bedford Forrest statue located in Nashville.  Expressing that it makes her “sick” to see the monuments that “celebrate racist historian figures who did evil things,” she details how Edward Carmack, a “white supremacist newspaper editor,” and Confederate general-turned-KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forest were “despicable figures.”
Swift’s series of Tweets captured her thoughts on why it is important to remove these statues, explaining how it perpetuates white supremacy and racism. She tells the state of Tennessee that those who “perpetuated the hideous patterns of racism are villains” and “villains don’t deserve statues.” She includes that removing the statues ensures all who visit Nashville and the state of Tennessee feel “safe and welcome.”
“Edward Carmack’s statue was sitting in the state Capitol until it was torn down last week in the protests. The state of Tennessee has vowed to replace it.”

FYI, he was a white supremacist newspaper editor who published pro-lynching editorials and incited the arson of the office of Ida B. Wells (who actually deserves a hero’s statue for her pioneering work in journalism and civil rights).” she stated.

She continued- “Replacing his statue is a waste of state funds and a waste of an opportunity to do the right thing.”

“Then we get to this monstrosity. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a brutal slave trader and the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who, during the Civil War, massacred dozens of black Union soldiers in Memphis.”


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