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Madonna Slammed On Social Media For commemorating George Floyd with video of son dancing to Michael Jackson

Madonna has been mocked for using a video of her son dancing to Michael Jackson to condemn police brutality and the death of George Floyd.

The pop diva posted a video to social media  showing her son, David Banda, dancing to Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”.

Madonna captioned the video: “Brutal murder travels around the world my son David dances to honour and pay tribute to George and His Family and all Acts of Racism and Discrimination that happen on a daily basis in America.”   She also added some hashtags of names #DavidBanda, #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and #MichaelJackson.


A police officer who kept Floyd pinned to the ground by his neck despite his protests that he could no longer breathe, which lead to his death has led to several nights of unrest in Minneapolis over the continued killings of black men by law enforcement.

Twitter got buzzing as Madonna was mocked for the tweet.

One Twitter user says “Wow, racism is gone, thank you girl,”

Another added: “I really appreciate you for allowing your son to dance away the racism for us.”

Rex Chapman, a retired profesional basketball player also went to the extent of slamming the singer’s tweet saying “the worst tweet of all time”.

He also added dancing in the Kitchen for racism is a weird take to Michael Jackson, and other things.

Come dance in the kitchen for racism’ is a weird take. To Michael Jackson? And other things.”

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