David Beckham has been ‘buying Big Mac Special Sauce’ During Lockdown

David Beckham has reportedly been buying tubs of Big Mac Special Sauce on eBay during lockdown.

The star and his wife Victoria have been at their Cotswold mansion, and they decided to spice up their lockdown experience by having tasty ‘Big Mac Special Sauce’ delivered to them.

The Sun Newspaper was told by a source:

“Everyone have been missing thing during lockdown and clearly this is one the Beckhams’.”

“The family are big fans. They’ve got in quite a lot to keep them going for while. It shows they’re a down-to-earth family, despite they’re lavish lifestyles”

McDonalds‘ launched the dip this year, and the Beckhams Seemingly huge fans of the new flavor.

Meanwhile, David recently admitted that the one “silver lining” of the lockdown has been that it’s allowed him to spend more time with his family.

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