Alicia Keys Celebrates All UCSF Workers

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A group of 20 UCSF Medical volunteers were hailed as heroes as they flew out early Saturday to help with the COVID-19 crisis in New York City.

They also got a surprise message celebs and top notch public figures.

Stephen Curry, American basketball player says:

“I just want to say we’re thinking about you guys,” Curry said. “Praying for your health and safety. Know that you’re doing amazing work helping people that need it the most. Safe travels.”

Singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, author, and pianist, Alicia Keys has also taken to her facebook  as she post a video on her story section, for how she’s so appreciative of the UCSF’s work in these times of the pandemic.

“Today i just want to take this moment to give some love to all the people working at UCSF and the UCSF’s children’s hospital in openload and San Francisco , you know you doing incredible work” – she stated.

She also added how happy she she is for the love workers give to both kids and all the people in their care.

“You give so much love to the kids there, people there, i just want to take this 2 minutes to say thank you for glowing and for being so incredible, you have seen a lot and i adored”- she concluded the video.


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