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McGregor regretted the punch to the elder in the pub

The episode dates back to last April but was brought to the fore by a video released by TMZ. The fighter declares his repentance: “I did something unacceptable”. This video where McGregor hits an old man in a pub is available just below.

Everything at first seemed to have remained inside the pub in Drimnagh, Dublin, where the facts had taken place. But then at the beginning of August, a video released by TMZ appeared, showing, without a doubt and even without mercy, how things went and nailed the former mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor to his responsibilities.

In the images we see a group of men, all of a certain age, sitting at the bar, intent on chatting and drinking a few glasses. A quiet afternoon like many others, in short, until a man in a t-shirt appears with a beard and glasses on the right. It is he, the ex fighter, who heads towards the central part of the counter.

He seems to be chatting amiably with his neighbours, until he orders a bottle – then it will be known that it was Proper Whiskey, from Eire Born Spirits, an Irish label of which he is the majority shareholder – and he begins to distribute to all present some of his “nectar”. At that point it seems that a customer refused to drink it – it was early afternoon – triggering Conor’s uncontrolled reaction.

McGregor hits an old man in a pub: “I was completely wrong”

The former MMA champion, in fact, didn’t think about it for a moment, he immediately started to raise his voice against the victim, still sitting at the counter, and suddenly gave him a cold left hand to the head that obviously hit the no longer young victim. Immediately blocked and removed from the room by other patrons, McGregor perhaps hoped that the bad episode had ended there, also considering that, fortunately, his foolishness had left no visible consequences on the poor old man. But the diffusion of the video where we can clearly see that McGregor hits an old man in a pub has put him with his back to the wall and forced him to make public, and apparently completely sincere, some excuses: “Reviewing those images, I felt like a dagger in my heart. I take on my responsibilities: that man deserved to have fun in the pub without this ending. I was completely wrong and I did something unacceptable.

The Dublin incident came close to the one in Miami where his intervention had caused the alleged breakup of a fan’s smartphone. There the charges had been withdrawn following an out-of-court settlement. On the pub episode, however, investigations are still ongoing: “Whatever happens, I will deal with it. Whatever happens, I deserve it. I will not hide. I have to be calmer, I have to be Zen and I’m working on it. I must be an example for young people.

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