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Stonebwoy Considered His Moment Working With Keri Hilson As The Best On The Anloga Junction Album

Speaking at his album listening Thursday 23,April, the BET winner stonebwoy say’s he worked with a lot of great talents on the Anloga Junction project, but he’s hand picked moments with Keri Hilson as inspiration and the best.

Stonebwoy added, everyone he’s worked with on the Anloga Junction album are super great but Keri is the best concerning he’s angle of perspective.

Listening to the reggae/dancehall singers reasons he explained that, working with female musicians is another thing all together and for a super star like Keri Hilson, who has seen, been there and done all is a great opportunity for him “I hardly thought of becoming good friend with Keri Hilson” he added.

“It just a divine opportunity,mind over matters and having fit for those kinds of collaborations got him going” Stonebwoy says..

The 2020 IRWAMA African Reggae/Dancehall artiste of the year winner,and a grammy nominee, Stonebwoy stipulates his standard of hard work when it comes to his international recognition, which might not be known to every single Ghanaian has also played a major role in his influence on the western world.

“When the name Stonebwoy is mentioned, you know the levels and standard you should expects”

he told Joy Prime‘s Morning Show Host Jay Foley at the album listening.

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