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Shatta Wale Provide breakfast for 1000s of his fans

Shatta Wale has asked his fans to drop their mobile numbers for money. He said he wanted to get them breakfast for Saturday, April 25, 2020 and many of his fans have commented praising him.

King of Ghana Dancehall music Shatta Wale has helped many of his numerous fans on Facebook to get breakfast for Saturday, April 25, 2020.

In a new post, Shatta Wale asked his fans to drop their numbers so he could send them money transfers.

He also apologised to them for being late and urged them to drop their phone numbers. Many of Shatta Wale’s fans dropped their numbers awaiting the money transfer:  Others also told what they wanted to use the money for Sidic, for instance, told what he would use that money for:  Fadamalove was optimistic that he would get some money from Shatta Wale:

Louisa and Sway said they needed the money to buy Stonebwoy’s Anloga Junction album:

There are a large number of comments of others who also left their phone numbers in order to benefit from Shatta Wale’s generosity.

Despite his controversial nature, Shatta Wale is known as one to be very kind and with a good heart.

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