Zuchu Hitz 100K YouTube Subscribers Within 7 Days

Zuchu, a sensational new singer breaking borders of the Bongo Flava industry in Tanzania, East Africa to the world since she was introduced and signed to Tanzanian’s Rolls Royce musician Diamond Platznum record label WCB WASAFI.

The new WCB’s signee is currently making waves in in her own unique ways with her recently released EP “I AM ZUCHU”. Zuchu became first artiste under the Diamond Platznum owned record label to unveil an EP of 7 hit tracks.

And she continues her journey as she’s used to be marking her territory with histories as a young Tanzania singer as she she becomes first new African artiste to hit 100,000 YouTube subscribers within 7days.

This might not be a surprise as fans can attest to her vocal variation,stage performance and her writing skills. Every song her EP “I AM ZUCHU” has a story on it’s own. She also might have those great skills due her background as she’s the daughter of renowned Tanzania Taarabi singer Bi Khadija Omar Kopa.

In an Instagram post the young WCB‘s signee, made a post of thankful she is to fans for supporting her work even during these hard times of the global pandemic, covid-19.

She added, it’s been so great to see this much support from people which gave her a lot of heart to continue working. Zuchu uses the opportunity to encourage her fellow young girls, who seeks to go out with their talent that they should have faith and that’s the only thing that will make their lives possible.


"This is so great, this week has been a very successful week.
Despite the challenge of the Corona Disaster, But you never let me down.
This is a big deal and it has given me a lot of motivation to keep sending myself".


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