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Am So Sorry About My Wifi Quality- Rita Ora Apologies For BBC TheOneShow Poor Internet Connection

Rita Ora joins Alex Jones and Alex Scott via a video call on the one show, as she talks about her mom been on the front-line with other doctors for the fight of the pandemic and her volunteering for the NHS to help fight covid-19 as well.

The One Show is continuing to broadcast as normal amid the coronavirus outbreak which many guests have joined via-internet video calls.

But last night show lets theoneshow viewers to comment about their guest,Rita Ora‘s poor wifi connection during the interview.

The 29-year old singer this morning took to her Instagram page to post the snippet of the interview, which she apologies of the bad connection she had on the show last night.

Thank you so much for having me and my mum @veraora on @bbctheoneshow and so sorry about my Wifi quality!!! So proud of my mum and the @nhswebsite for everything they’re doing to fight the pandemic crisis! ❤️❤️❤️ #nhs #pandemic2020
#cnwlnhsfoundationtrust #covid19

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