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Tanasha Donna’s bff Chokuu shades women who sleep with deadbeat baby daddies

Tanasha Donna‘s bestie Chokuu decided to go gloves off and attack women who choose to sleep around with men who do not care for their kids.  He said such ladies are a disgrace and warned them against getting pregnant for such men.

He did not understand how such people were willing to betray their fellow women and said he was disgusted by them Trouble in paradise? Maybe, maybe not. Former radio presenter Tanasha Donna may have just lost another friend after walking away from her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz .

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The musician’s gay bff Chokuu who has been by her side since day one decided to lash out at single mothers through the most lethal attack on Instagram.

The eccentric lover of life who resides in Germany said some women have no heart and try their best to slide into a deadbeat dad’s heart not knowing they too can get burned.

According to the vocal women’s activist, it is foul for a woman to lay in bed with a man who does not take care of his babies or think about how they survive or get through life. He added some women comfortably roll in the sheets with guys who clearly have no interest in being parents. To add insult to injury, Chokuu said the women even end up getting pregnant by the same men who refuse to be present in their children’s lives.

He hinted women should avoid shacking up with guys who are not man enough to take up their responsibilities. Immediately, his followers started wondering whether he and Tanasha were over and done with or he was just talking smack as usual. Most of the guy’s followers guessed maybe their rosy friendship was not really meant to last a lifetime.

The two have been close buddies ever since the 24-year-old decided to enter a relationship with Diamond Platnumz. Chokuu always showed up at Tanasha’s comment section to gas her up and swoon over how perfect she was. Over a couple of months, the two formed a beautiful friendship and would joke around together like a bunch of high school bffs.

Like clockwork, Chokuu stayed gushing over his newly found confidant on his social media pages and singing her praises like a lovestruck man. But out of the blues, he decided to poke fun into a situation that was too similar to that of Tanasha.

Remember, when the Gere singer started dating her ex-lover, she was criticised for defending a man who did not care about his kids. She defended Diamond with her life and claimed he loved his kids with everything inside him.

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