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Kelvynboy Caution Fans To Ignore Suspicious DM’s From His Instagram Account

Ghanaian Afrobeat bad man and Stonebwoy’s protegee Kelvynboy has urge and advice fans to ignore any dm’s from his Instagram account, as hackers are trying to play with his fans by sending suspicious messages to people with his account. As he’s Instagram account got messed up by probably, this celebs hackers last week.

Celebrities are mostly been faced with such problems, as hackers turn to high jack their account to do fictitious stuffs due the huge number of followers these celebs has.

Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s twitter account was hacked on June 10 by a group of pro-Pakistan hackers named Ayyildiz Tim Turkish Cyber Army. The same group then hacked singer Adnan Sani’s account on June 11.

The group left a series of tweets on Big B’s account. One of them read: “This is an important call to the whole world! We do condemn the irrespective behaviours of Iceland republic towards Turkish footballers. We speak softly but carry a big stick and inform you about the big Cyberattack here.

What’s more, even the British Royal Family was not spared. In January, the Royal Family’s Twitter page was hacked, and the account posted a series of weird posts related to fungi, redundant alphabet letters, and even toilet-related math teasers.

But, the question is: how are these accounts hacked? With regards to the group which hacked Big B’s account, cybersecurity experts are of the view that users should be careful before clicking on the links received via direct messages since Twitter only contacts users via in-app or emailed messages sent from a email account.

While the Twitterati had a gala time poking fun and making memes at the various tweets and the display picture of Imran Khan in both the profiles, this is not the first time the Twitter accounts of celebrities have been hacked.

In the past, the same group hacked accounts of a whole host of celebrities like Karan Johar, Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shahid Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan. 
So the young Afro-beat singer’s account been hacked is not new, the question is how secure and protective their social media handlers are?

The “Mea” hitmaker urges his fans to stay away and ignore such messages sent by his account and promises his team is working on fixing the damage soon.

“Kindly Swipe Left <<<< And Ignore Such Messages!! #Anada #LaiLai

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