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The word Tattoo “Truth” On Rihanna’s Face On Cover Of May British Vogue

There’s more to Rihanna’s British vogue May 2020 cover, than her been the first to wear a durag on the vogue magazine cover. The word ‘truth’ set across her eyes, cheeks and the bridge of her nose, shows her authenticity as a woman and a successful C.E.O.

Isamaya Ffrench the make-up artist and the brain behind the artistic “truth” word look,  told Hannah Coates,  of the Vogue magazine that,  “the idea came from a desire to express a philosophy or belief in the most direct way”

“Nothing seems more absolute than tattooing your beliefs on your face. It’s a permanent message everyone can see it, wen searching for a word that was an important sentiment for the coming years”Isamaya told Coates.

Others also worked on the “Truth” tattoo on Rihanna’s face.  Isamaya worked alongside with Ben Ditto and the tattoo artist reverend leaf on the font, design and wrapped-up of the temporary tattoo, which was painted freehand with great care and thoroughness on the singer’s face.

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