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Jessie Reyez Reunites With Eminem On “Coffin”

The artists first worked together on 2018’s ‘Kamikaze.’ Jessie Reyez’s long-awaited debut album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US, has finally arrived, and the project reunites her with Eminem. The Detroit rapper first recruited Reyez for a pair of features on 2018’s Kamikaze, and today he returns the favor with a verse on her new song, “COFFIN.”


On the track, Eminem drops a reference to his 2010 Rihanna collaboration, “Love the Way You Lie,” which tackled the heavy topic of abusive relationships:

But I don’t wanna spend the night
Actin’ out “Love the Way You Lie”
But this sh*t just went awry
Hit me in the eye, bit me in the thigh
Then begin to cry

Meanwhile Reyez croons about toxicity and mutually assured destruction:

You make me wanna
Jump off the roof
‘Cause I love you to death
Just like a fool
We’ll need a coffin
Hand made for two
‘Cause I love you to death
Just like a fool

It’s an apt theme for the album, which tackles the dark side of love, and fits in with their previous work together. In the video for 2018’s “Good Guy,” Reyez and Eminem were depicted as an abusive couple that ended up in the grave together:

Em recently offered high praises for Reyez to The New York Times. “She sings from her heart,” he said. “She’s writing about sh*t that she’s been through and stuff like that. But it’s not easy to do what she does, and she makes it look so easy. She doesn’t sound like anybody. Her style of singing, the way she enunciates her words and everything, she’s just naturally dope. It seems like she’s not even trying, and she’s that good. Her voice and her cadences don’t sound like anybody I had ever heard before.”

BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US is Reyez’s debut album, coming roughly a year and a half after the release of her last EP, Being Human in Public. Eminem and 6LACK are the project’s only features.

Listen to the song above and read all the lyrics to Jessie Reyez’s “COFFIN” featuring Eminem on Genius now.

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