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You Will Go blind and paralyzed- A Ghanaian pstor to Akwoboah

Ghanaian prophet, prophet Eric Boahen has revealed  a spiritual revelation he saw about Ghanaian song writer and singer Akwaboah Jnr.

He stated,  Akwaboah will be involved in a serious accident with his broth which will leave him blind and paralyzed, according to the Prophet of Creator’s Hand Church (CHC).

This prophecy was out in an interview with zionfelix, where prophet Eric Boahen say’s this were all set to happen due to a curse a woman placed on the song writer Akwaboah.  Meanwhile, he did not made it known why the singer was cursed by this mysterious woman.

Prophet Eric Boahen asked family and friends to pray for the song writer and singer Akwaboah, in order to keep this shocking revelation from coming through.

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