Should BillzBlay Work With RJZ,That Will Be Fcken Awesome.

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Talking of collaboration between artistes,Volta Region musicians are just lacking behind due stressful processes they should go through, if they just want that to happen.

Relax let me take you through the said stressful process,if they wanted a collabo with an A-list act or someone out of the region, you might as well not think of that collaboration, if you an artiste. As a musician in this part of county, you probably need to be fcken popular or else, you are burned.

You need to travel to capital of the country Accraaaaa, of course that where it all has been made up to look like without Accra, your carrier might be a sh*t hole,no way that can’t be true. Not yesterday nor today. After your travel you need a place to stay right? Oh No! don’t fck with me, you gonna need a place to stay, probably a hotel,guests house, if possible you rent there.

And that’s another demm part of the #collaborationprocess. And trust me you are not being wait by time, so you turn into an inter-region immigrant. You find any way posible getting closer to the artist you want a collaboration with, at long last it came through with one mep3 t3m single.

This is crap, can’t go through this just for a collaboration, it might be a part or story of your musical journey, but this process should just be looked at, for the love of God…
“Music is a bigger umbrella,we are just the servants carrying it,one can’t do it alone”-Stonebwoy”
So why don’t you look up to this musical adage, and get down from your A-list class group? Look out for an underground act to help.

I have written this article, due to the numerous attempts of underground artistes wanting to collaborate with a collegue act yielding to no avail and a really recent comments of rapper having interest in working with an A-list due, because he’s been inspired by him.

Last week on twitter,BillzBlay took to his twitter account express how he will be grateful, if he gets to work with a member of the popular Ghanaian Hip-hop Dou/Group LaMemme Gang’s @OneRJZ.
HERE IS WHAT HE SAYS:“I dey feel @oneRjz but are no be gay LOl,just love to work with him one. Guy too much!!”.

Billz Blay is Ghanaian Volta region born hip-hop musicians. He’s known for writing his on lyrics and dynamics, thus; he can sing also. He has a lot of singles to his credit, with no album yet. Singles like: overdose,mafia etc with his new song which he’s promoting now Undefeated. He has also been featured on Larry Linchpin’s ODO song.

To what he says, wanting to work with @onerjz one day, it can be now,tomorrow. So why don’t we share this article till it reach the top for him.
Who knows that collaboration can give him (billsblay) a VGMA nomination.
Fingers crossed and am out…….

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