Remy J On TheMccallShow(A WhatsApp Interview chat) 21-09-2019

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Mccall Kwadzo: Remy J you welcome to TheMccallShow this evening.

Remy J: Thanks, Good Evening.

Mccall Kwadzo: Hope you doing good. The Ninetyx Trend Show is new innovative program from the camp of that seems to focus on Volta Celebrities and am happy to have you on.

Remy J: Good initiative and thanks for putting me on.
Mccall Kwadzo: By the way do you think you’ve come far to be called a celebrity/to be celebrated by youth, moral and humanitarian wise?

Remy J: Yes I have. I’ve made my presence felt in the capital (Ho) across volta and beyond with my music and street name BOISEWE. And I believe I should be celebrated, because I’ve won several awards and did great job with my community especially AHOE.

Mccall Kwadzo: And about that, that’s really a bold step of to help your community, what motivate you for doing that? And should it be encourage among entertainers to do often?

Remy J: When you dine with elderly you turn to learn a lot, and one thing they always is HE WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHERE HE’S COMING FROM, DOES NOT KNOW WHERE HE’S GOING TO. “Translated from local dialect EWE”. This simply means that in everything you do remember where you are coming from. I started with my people, for that matter AHOE made Ho to accept me not to say I’m done here though but I believe With the fan base I have in volta no, I can conquer the world because my people keep pushing me.

Mccall Kwadzo: How as it like when you started music? Were you accepted by friends, parents and relatives?
REMY J: I had a little problem until I won an award at the volta music awards. My family then started believing in me. I don’t blame our parents, family and community for doing that, because they’ve seen a lot of people in our line of business turn into drug addicts, school drop outs, and even failed to become what they wanted to, so become frustrated in life. That’s why in encourage every youth to take their education seriously or even learn a trade, because life is two ways like my ALBUM SPIRIT OF BALANCE, so that if the showbiz does not pay/failed you, you have certificate or have your own business or job at hand.

Mccall Kwadzo: At what age did you know you could do this, I mean become a musician, as it a childhood passion for it?
REMY J: I can’t really remember the age but I started writing music in j.h.s. way back in Koforidua and started recording, I think S.H.S when I as in Mawuli school or either completed. And I did not have the passion from childhood, but used to listen to my dad play the piano, he was good at it but never thought of becoming a musician.
Mccall Kwadzo: So music runs through the family?

REMY J:Probably, because my two sisters also sings very well at church but not professionally.

Mccall Kwadzo: How were you able to combine you been in school and recording. Because that could be a bit tidy for you?
REMY J: When you have a talent and manages your time well it doesn’t get difficult at all. You know when write and record and when to read your books.

Mccall Kwadzo: When you look back to school days, what will be the difference b/n ELIKEM and REMY J?
REMY J: I’ve change a lot. I used to be the shy type and stage fraid but not anymore. Mawulians were surprised when I came out with a song, everyone was against me thinking I was doing music because people were doing it, until they listened to my songs and thought otherwise. I even got a song for my ALMA MATA dubbed TRIPPLE H.

Mccall Kwadzo: How is the music industry treating you so far. Because you’ve seemed to be getting your numbers and collaborations up.
REMY J: I was doing my underground works in school when people were performing at Entertainment night then boom I came out later. God has been faithful and though the system is tough we’ll surely get there because we did not start like this. It’s a plus to have many people featuring you and even have more works in the studio to do for other artistes and by God’s grace I’ll be done soon. One is my own brother from the same hood(AHOE) called RIZZLAH STYLAH dropping soon titled MABRE featuring my humble self…

Mccall Kwadzo: Talking of features how were you able to get LYRICAL JOE on a song.

REMY J: Hahahahahh…… You’re monitoring me. I got Lyrical Joe through Winkled Michael his road manager and who also happens to be my cousin. I’ve got great features with other mainstream artistes coming up and y’all should watch out and keep supporting.
Mccall Kwadzo: Do you volta music industry has the structures which allows you guys to collaborate among your selves?
REMY J: Volta music industry has grown so fast that the people patronize our songs by help of Djs and since the invention of the Volta Music Awards things have really changed compared to back in days when we started. We’re not there yet but almost. I believe when someone from the region sees a cover art with Remy J FT Keeny Ice- Volta Django they’ll love to listen to it, because we both have huge fan base in the region. That’s another hint though.

Mccall Kwadzo: your biggest fear as a musician.

REMY J: Cold or catarrh that takes my voice away or disturbs my vocals. Other that, God got me.
Mccall Kwadzo: Are frontlines helping undergrads? And is Blazeboy under your label.

REMY J: Nobody owes anybody anything1!
If they wish to help fine but if they don’t you can’t blame them. U chose to help the young ones because it’s a choice not a must.
And also yes! BLAZEBWOY is under TEAMEGA MUSIC with TUF B and KELI YONG. Team Ega Music is bigger now with TIMZBEATZ and other stakeholders on board but I still remain the EO.
Mccall Kwadzo: So, what’s the way forward with TeamEgaMusic, is any of your artiste dropping something soon?

REMY J: Bigger things coming up with BLAZEBOY to drop BADENERGY soon! Myself, Tuf B and Keli Yong will follow later with dope tune. I might drop something on my birthday as well…..
Mccall Kwadzo: Can’t wait for that. Prior to your last released album SOB(SPIRIT OF BALANCE) which I will say was a success, are we expecting any album this year?

REMY J: I have big news on my birthday just wait!!! The countdown is on!
Mccall Kwadzo: Your final world to your fans…..
REMY J: Because of them I got here! They should keep supporting and we’ll break boundaries together!
SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES : @remyjgh. My love to them all!
Mccall Kwadzo: Am super thankful for your time spent here. Have a great music year. We might do this again sometime…
REMY J: I’m glad! Always ready…. Have a good night. BYE……


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