Dancehall Artistes support No Music, No Vote Movement

Dancehall Artistes vow to not vote if there freedom to express their music is not respected

Scores of dancehall artistes are taking to social media to voice their issue with the Jamaican government censoring their music. They have vowed to not vote for the government to remain in power if their free expression of music is not valued.

No music, no vote
Selector Ricky Trooper has stated, “no music nah play bou yah and unnu a lock it off, no vote!”. Trooper has also broken party lines and urged dancehall fans to not hold party loyalty ahead of the expression of music. He stated, “if a PNP a mash it up vote fi Labourite and if a Labourite a mash it up unnu vote fi PNP.” Baby Cham also took to social media with a lyrical video adding to Trooper’s statement saying, “we getting screwed over again and again… choose your government but condemn them when dem wrong.”

Other Artistes in agreement

Other dancehall artistes such as Spice and Konshens have taken to social media with a poster displaying the words “No Music No Vote!” and have tagged local government ministers in them.

This protest stems from the government imposing two additional states of emergency in St. Catherine North and South and Clarendon, lasting for 14 days. During the state of emergency citizens are restricted in their movements and they are searched at the will of the security forces. In this way parties are shut down before the stipulated lock off time if the security forces believe that the party may pose a security issue in that area.

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