Open up to fans about your issues- Andy Dosty to Wutah

The has been several issues about fans having a stake in artiste success, and if they do then artistes should be free to voice out their issues concerning their caraer. Hitz fm host Andy Dosty on JOY PRIMES TV RED CARPET SHOW with IB, said he interviewed Kobby Wutah of the Highlife group (WUTAH), about a video he Kobby did concerning issues about the group breakup.

Kobby Wutah made it clearly in the video that they are not going to come back and he (Kobby Wutah) does not wish to work with his group partner Afriyie Wutah. On the DAYBREAKHITZ on hitz fm he was ask “Why is Wutah not coming back.” And this is what he has to say “we both have our differences and I don’t want to work with my partner anymore.”

“I Think I have cleared the air enough about our break up and has nothing much to say.” According to him (Kobby Wutah) his fans should respect him as a personal brand he is working on new music.

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