I’m done with free show- Teephlow

Forgive Hitmaker, Teephlow has hinted of his immense contribution to the development of music in Central Region .

Responding to a question posed to him by the host of Wizgh TV , Kweku Bee Abrante that Cape Coast expect a lot from him for the love and support shown him, Teephlow responded that

He has also performed in Cape Coast severally for free without a penny. He recounted all the shows he played in Begyaya, CMA’s townhall shows, Obama City shows, Easter, Christmas, New Year etc were all shows he did for free.
I have been there for Cape Coast all along and contributed my quota

“…but as time goes on , investment becomes bigger and when investment gets bigger, there should be some returns and so when you call me for a show, I expect you to at least pay for my T&T, my DJs etc, but to expect free show at this time is a no,” he hinted.

Speaking on collaborations, Teephlow also hinted he has collaborated with lots of up coming artists to give them that face lift.

He was however displeased that some of these artistes do not have patience to wait for him.

Teephlow added that when they send the songs to him, they want him to record the next day which “doesn’t work that way.”

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