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Tobi indeed called Becca’s mother a witch- Oti family speaks

If anyone thought that Becca’s interview on Hitz FM earlier today was going to bring an end to the brouhaha between her husband and her mother’s family, then they would be sourly disappointed.

This is because the Oti family (Becca’s maternal family) have also issued a statement on the ongoing saga.

The Oti family insisted that it is indeed true that Becca’s husband called his mother in law a witch, and dared him to make a statement if he didn’t call her such.

According to the statement, they were extremely shocked at the press statement from Mr Acheampong, but knowing that he impregnated their family member at the age of fifteen, under very bizarre circumstances, they were not surprised at all.

The Oti family expressed their disappointments at the untruths that were leveled against Juliana Oti by Mr. Acheampong and claimed that that shows how he’s unwilling to solve the problem at hand.

Read the full statement below


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