Yanique(Curvy Diva)Interview

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Our latest interview comes from one of the most recognisable personalities in dancehall, Yanique Curvy Diva. Join us as we discuss Yanique’s entire career from her beginnings hosting the Magnum King’s and Queen’s talent show to her smash hit debut single ‘Lifestyle’ and everything in between. Find out what part of her repertoire she sees as most underrated to where exactly her famous nickname comes from.

When did you first start recording music?

Yanique: “I started officially recording music less than 2 years ago. ‘Lifestyle’ was my first commercially released single”

During the beginning of your career as an event host, did you ever see yourself making the transition to becoming an artiste?

Yanique: “I wanted to be an artiste for years but honestly hesitated because the business can be so hard. I would still live vicariously though the contestants on the Magnum King’s and Queen’s TV Talent Show I hosted. So I definitely saw myself as an artiste”

Did the transition between hosting and recording music happen quite naturally, was it an easy transition to make as you were already used to performing for people?

Yanique: “When I was only hosting I would joke all the time and say that I’m an artiste without a song. I was so comfortable on stage and had so much fun entertaining the audience. The transition was very easy”

Who are some of the artistes both internationally and locally that you look up to and are inspired by?

Yanique: ” Lady Saw hands down was always an inspiration. She set the trend for so many female Dancehall artistes. From lyrics, confidence to strength as a strong black woman in a male dominated industry. Mumma Saw was that force and that’s what I want to be”

Who first gave you the name ‘Curvy Diva’?

Yanique: “One of the producers from the Magnum King’s and Queen’s TV Show coined the name ‘Curvaceous Diva’ back when I just started hosting the talent show over 8 years ago. Over time Curvaceous morphed into Curvy and the name stuck”

What would you say is one aspect of your career that is often overlooked?

Yanique: “I actually am a very good singer even from Church choir days. Some of my songs showcase that singer side as well but the singjay/deejay aspect gets more of the highlight”

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learnt in your career?

Yanique: “To stay humble and be patient. Everything has it’s time and it’s season and rushing things may not work out in your favour”

Looking forward to the rest of 2019 what are your main aims for this year?

Yanique: “Well my EP ‘Underestimated’ drops this summer with hot singles and collabs with Gage, Kranium and Demarco. I’m looking at a Fall European tour as well so that is exciting. Just a lot more material and video from me for the remainder of the year”

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