Gospel musician (Brother Sammy) arrested for selling “spiritual water”HIV/AIDS cure

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Gospel musician Brother Sammy was arrested by police last Saturday for allegedly selling spiritual water which he claimed could cure HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.

Social media has gone viral the past few weeks with videos of the singer promoting the so called “spiritual healing water”.

He was arrested to the statement issued by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

According to the issued statement say yet, the FDA alerted the police for the arrest of the singer last Friday following an interview on social media which the singer(Brother Sammy) said the water could also cure Hepatitis B,Cancer,Asthma,and Gonorrhoea.

But to that one question no one is asking, which i will do is ↙↙⏬⏬⏬

Is this first in a right direction for Gospel musicians or worshippers to come out with healing items such as these than to do the prayers???

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