Rihanna launches luxury fashion line!

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It’s Rihanna‘s world… we’re just living in it!

Earlier this month, the Work singer

In an interview published on Sunday, the musician spoke to T: The NYTimes Style Magazine about her upcoming collection, as well as her other businesses.

“I want to be as disruptive as possible.” / (c) T: The NYTimes Style Magazine/Instagram

In regards to her new luxury fashion drop, the 31-year-old revealed:

“I’ve been slowly evolving throughout the fashion world. First wearing it, buying it, being recognized for my style and then collaborating with brands. I never just wanted to put my name on something and sell my license. I’m very hands-on, so I wanted to take it slowly and gain respect as a designer. I already had a relationship with them after the Versailles campaign and the makeup line, so they extended the offer to me and it was a no-brainer because LVMH is a machine. Bernard Arnault was so enthusiastic; he trusted me and my vision.”

As to why she named her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, the Barbados-native explained:

“I used to be afraid to step into the whole celebrity makeup world. I saw brands like Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana have so much success [in the aughts], but it got to a place where they were so oversaturated in the market that it diluted their personal brands. It made me think, ‘I’m not going to do this, because you lose your respect and credibility,’ and so every collaboration I did outside of music, I used Fenty so that you didn’t have to hear the word ‘Rihanna’ every time you saw something that I did. So Rihanna stayed the music, the person. But these other brands are called Fenty.’”

“You wear what looks good on you and that’s it.” / (c) T: The NYTimes Style Magazine/Instagram

While admitting that she is “thick and curvy,” RiRi’s new line will be inclusive of all sizes.

“It just changed how I dress in terms of my proportions. You wear what looks good on you and that’s it. I’m thick and curvy right now, and so if I can’t wear my own stuff then, I mean, that’s not gonna work, right? And my size is not the biggest size. It’s actually closer to the smallest size we have: We go up to a [French size] 46. We’re saying we can meet you at any one drop that we put out.”

Rihanna’s Fenty line will be groundbreaking for many reasons.

Not only is she the first woman to create an original brand at LVMH, she is the first woman of color at the top of an LVMH maison. Additionally, her collection will be the first new house created by the group since Christian Lacroix in 1987.

You go, girl!

[Image via Rihanna/Instagram.]

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